Monday, October 02, 2006

A Taste Acquired

It was late Friday night. There I was on my knees and completely naked, except for my CB-2000, and a studded, black leather dog collar around my neck. Mistress Edenn insists that, at any given moment, I adorn some article of clothing or jewelry that symbolizes my bondage to her. So, it has long been her requirement that I wear the dog collar during the brief periods when I am released from my cage. So there I was, doubly bound, waiting to be released from one of these instruments of bondage.

"You may free yourself."

With those words, I cut off the plastic lock to the CB-2000. I then nervously pulled away the cage section, pulled out the locking pin, and removed the ring from the base of my penis and balls. This all took about 10 seconds, may be less; by the time I had set everything on the floor next to me, I was fully erect . . . and throbbing.

Mistress Edenn laughed - she has an unbelievably sexy laugh - which only made my predicament worse. She ordered me to start stroking - but I was only allowed to use one hand. I had to put my other hand behind my back and keep it there. I was also not permitted - as I am never permitted during these brief periods of release - to use any toys (like nipple clamps or a butt plug) that might enhance my pleasure. Mistress Edenn delights in using these toys on me, but only while I am locked up, so that they cause as much frustration and torment as pleasure.

I started stroking, as Mistress Edenn had commanded. It didn't take long, at all, before I was near the edge . . . then past it. "Well, did you enjoy that, sweetie?" She innocently asked. The intense experience had left me speechless, as I sat there looking at the small puddle of cum in front of me - the puddle I knew would be going right back into my body, very shortly. "Yes, Mistress," I finally said.

"Good, very good. You know what you have to do now, don't you?"

"I have to eat my cum, now, Mistress."

"Yes," she said seductively.

I swallowed hard, bent over, and began to lick my own cum off the bare floor. I had decided the easiest thing would be to lick it up as quickly as possible - just get it done. But it tasted HORRIBLE - I can't even describe it - just horrible. And the way it felt in my mouth - disgusting! I HATED it. I kept licking, and every time I lifted my head thinking I must have licked it all up already, there was still some left - like suddenly there was a sea of the stuff. I felt like I was down there for an eternity. But finally - finally - I was done.

I sat back up, licking the remaining drops off my lips - not because I wanted to, but I had eaten most of it, I might as well get the drops on my lips so I can say that I ate all of it.

"Good boy," Mistress Edenn said, "did you enjoy that?"

I had to phrase my response very carefully. "Yes, I very much enjoyed the humiliation of eating my own cum for you Mistress." Amazingly, that was true!

"But you didn't like the taste, did you?" she said, with a reassuring tone that made me realize I could be honest. "No, Mistress."

"No, but you did it for ME, didn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I am very pleased."

And with those words all was well again! I was genuinely happy that I had suffered so much to please my Mistress. With a smile on my face, and a strange sense of accomplishment - even pride - I reached for the new plastic lock I had brought, and proceeded to lock myself back into my cage.

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